So today, I got phone calls from both my soldiers.


Many mothers and grandmothers can relate. Knowing the dangers when someone you love is in the military and deployed, you spend days on end praying (trying not to beg) to God to keep them safe.

When Adam first went into the Army, we were relieved. He needed the structure the Army had to offer. Then he met the love of his life and the best military wife a man ever had.

Then 9/11 happened and the game changed. We were at war and my kid was in the middle of it all.

Since then, he’s been deployed four times in addition to four years in S. Korea. His four kids have grown up all over the globe and now, for the first time, are in my time zone. It’s still an eleven hour drive, but hey, I’m not complaining.

Military wives are as courageous as their husbands. They do more than keep the home fires burning, they’re busy putting fires out every day, raising kids, paying bills, taking swings at whatever comes their way. Years ago when their oldest was maybe six and he was in Iraq, she drove from Texas to Maryland (did I mention the dog came too?) to visit.

Last week, I got Adam’s address and sent off a letter. Then, today, he Face timed me (a big thanks to Facebook for making this type of communication available and FREE). I talked to him for 30 minutes or so as I checked out of the store, sat on a bench, and then in my car until the conversation ended. We talked about those we loved, catching up on life. He’s flying his Blackhawk helicopter lots which makes him happy. He was the the three year old on the big wheel flying off ramps higher than the ten year old kids could handle. The boy was born to fly. He told me once during another deployment that it would be the best job in the world if he could just go home at night. Sigh…

When I think back to other deployments, I remember soaking up as much of the news that I could (still do). Someone asked me how I could bear to watch the news while he was deployed and my immediate reaction was “If he can live it, the least I can do is know about it.”

Now, my grandson, Clarke, is in boot camp. Here we go again. He called last night. It was the first time I’d heard his raspy voice in eight weeks. God’s got this.










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