So today, I had Spam…

Spam, the Poor Girl’s Ham: spam_classic-455

I brought along some non-perishable food items on our trip to Jamaica. Groceries are expensive there, so I thought I’d save a little money and pack some things from home since I could take an extra suitcase at no charge. Now, I don’t normally eat Spam, but it’s a nostalgia food for me going back to when I was a kid. It’s the poor girl’s ham.

Kevin: “Look at this worm.” He held up the Jamaican avocado he had just cut in two. A big golden worm was attached to the seed.

Me: “Eww! That’s gross.” He continued to pull the avocado apart.

Kevin: “It’s a weird gold color inside compared to the ones at home.”

I’m not an avocado fan, so was not a good one to render an opinion, but that didn’t stop me.

Me: “Could be the worm rotted and left his color behind! You sure you wanna eat that?”

Kevin: “Says the lady that’s having Spam for lunch…” Don’t judge.

Since I’m writing about Spam, I thought doing some research on it would be the right thing to do. Just think, if Jeopardy ever runs a Spam category, you’ll have all the answers, or questions, depending.
As it turns out, Spam was created in 1937 and was a big help during WWII feeding the troops. It was cheap, easy to come by, and had a long shelf life. It’s now available in over 40 countries; a good thing for all you business travelers out there to know.
I usually eat Spam once a year when I go on Jamaica mission trip with my church. They serve it as a breakfast meat and since they’re feeding 70 people, it fits the bill. You can also eat Spam sandwiches for lunch. To me, it’s like a flat hot dog. Serve it up with mustard and it’s hard to tell the difference. Cut it up and eat it with eggs and only you will know it’s not really ham. Maybe I should offer to make a Spam commercial…
I was thrilled to discover that my favorite state in the USA is the largest end user of Spam. They have it on their McDonald’s menu AND have a famous Sushi dish named in its honor. What state is that, you ask? Why Hawaii, of course. A definite Final Jeopardy question I’m thinking.
I left one unopened can of Spam along with other leftovers from our stay with our host for the week. His eyes lit up. See?
I’ll tell you what, you say what you want about Spam and I’ll refuse to eat avocados the color of golden worms.

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