So today…was the best Mother’s Day ever.

mothers day

What a great Mother’s Day! First of all, I had one of the best mothers ever. Her name was Helen (aka, Barb in “Stuck in the Onesies”). She’s always the first one I think of when Mother’s Day dawns.  Then, it’s all about me.

My daughter and her family, took me out for crabs. They’re the first of the season and a welcome tradition at Hoopers in West Ocean City. After dinner, I got back in my car and I could see I’d missed a call and text from my Blackhawk pilot son in Afghanistan. I texted him back and in a minute, we were face-timing as I rode down the highway. What a treat it is to know he’s safe for another night’s sleep. This time he talked about getting his battalion ready to ship out and head home in July.  Welcome words.

Then, my infantry soldier/grandson from Ft. Campbell called to wish me a happy mother’s day. What more can one woman ask? Just wait till you hear, but I have to rewind back to the morning…

My day started out going to church and sitting with my other son and his family. It’s turned into the highlight of my week now that my three month old great-grandson is on the scene. It’s an hour a week I get to play the baby snatcher and cuddle my new Grandy guy. He’s the first of this new generation of McDonoughs.

So today, the baby had finished his bottle and I patted his back, hoping for a burp. His mom was making faces at him and he smiled and giggled away. “Gee, I can’t wait for the first time he smiles at me like that,” I thought to myself. After a successful burping session, his mom took him back to the nursery for a diaper change.

The service continued and she and the baby came back to their seat. I scooted back to let her through with the baby facing me as she passed by. I looked him in the eye and guess what? I got my first smile from my first great-grand.

Yep, the best Mother’s Day ever.

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