Stuck In The Onesies

Barb and Ellie feel as if they’re “stuck in the onesies,” like in the game of jacks. Well, they might be playing catch-up, but at least they’re having fun.

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Barb and Ellie are best friends despite their very different life philosophies. As the 1960s swirl around them, Barb tries to hold on to traditional southern values while Ellie is happy to go with the flow and take change as it comes. The two hatch crazy schemes and egg each other on, but they also support each other through phenomenally difficult times.

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“I found myself laughing and crying, often simultaneously! What an incredible story! I found myself thinking about the characters long after finishing this book. Highly recommended!” Shelley Cummings, DSDM, Ecolab, Inc.


Diana did a soft launch of her book at the Shirley Grace Pregnancy Center gala on Saturday, December 3, 2016. The Stuck in the Onesies raffle basket raised funds to support the center and gave Stuck In The Onesies some great exposure.


Diana participated in the Jamaican Maroon Symposium at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA in September, 2016. She read from her novel, Ginger Star (third in the Stuck in the Onesies trilogy), that she is working and researching at this time. The Maroons of Jamaica will be an integral part of the Ginger Star novel.