Woman to Woman Global (WWG)

For many years, I traveled to Jamaica for mission work and vacation. The Jamaican people, particularly women, were truly amazing and tugged at my heart. As a result, I was led to begin this non-profit as a way to help women in Jamaica and in the States. It’s always best when we can help someone to help themselves.

Woman to Woman Global (WWG) is confident that the internet can be a game changer in a woman’s life, no matter where she lives. By pairing a laptop and scholarship for online or classroom courses, we can help a woman to attain a better quality of life for herself and her family. It’s especially helpful to a single mom since she can work on her education while sitting in her living room, but we also scholarship women coming out of high school. Eventually, WWG went global, sending laptops and scholarships from Jamaica to Cambodia, to India.


WWG also has a heart for the special needs/autistic community. We have several educators amongst our ranks and have again decided that helping others to gain an education is the best way to leave a positive impact. WWG has sponsored conferences in Jamaica, training teachers and principals how to help the children with learning disabilities in the classroom. Another conference is planned to be held at MICO University in Kingston, Jamaica in the Summer of 2017.


Woman to Woman Global holds several fundraisers a year to fund the scholarships and laptops. Our largest effort, the Bam Bam (Jamaican term for festival back in the 60’s), is held in the spring of each year with a dinner and auctions. This year was our 50’s theme (hence the poodle skirts).