What did you think of the title, Stuck in the Onesies?

When does the book first grab your interest?

Why do you think the book was written in the first person, changing back and forth from Barb to Ellie?

What is your point of view preference when reading a novel?

What was your reaction when you realized Barb was prejudiced?

Describe the friendship between Barb and Ellie.

Who was the stronger of the two?

Did you relate to the characters in any way?

How did you feel about the assassination of JFK?

What is your favorite scene in the book and why?

How did you feel about Jake’s loyalties to Will?

How were the social issues presented in the book?

What was your reaction to the forced integration (bussing) of schools with regards to the story?

How do you think Ellie reacted to Will’s affair with Roberta?

How do you feel about Barb’s animosity towards Roberta?

What did the characters learn about themselves and the world they lived in?

What was your reaction after the car crash?

What were the ramifications of drunk driving and did it ring any familiar bells for you?

How did you feel about the ending of the story?

How did the story impact you? Has the story changed you or given you a different perspective about any of the issues presented?

What was your favorite part of the book? What made you laugh and/or cry?

What was your least favorite part of the book or how do you think it could have been better?

How do you envision the sequel to Stuck in the Onesies?