Yes! Spring haIMG_2184s finally sprung and yesterday, my hammock welcomed me back to the game. One minute, I was hot in the sun and the next, chilly when the sun would duck behind a cloud. Lucky for me, it’s just the first quarter, so lots of time left in the game.

I like to say that my hammock hanging time is devoted to writing, getting inspired and taking notes, but if you want the truth, that’s only part of it. This time of year, I look up the trunk of the trees that hold the hammock. The branches twist and turn in every direction. There are no leaves right now, but little red buds of promise. A promise of shade and lazy afternoons swinging back and forth.

It’s fun to watch the leaves slowly appear and the tops of the trees change as spring marches on. The squirrels leap from tree to tree and have managed to find my bird feeder outside my kitchen window. The little buggers not only eat all the seed, but have found the container with the airtight lid that stores the food. They’ve chewed a hole in that and this morning, I found a squirrel inside the container getting a tummy full. Oh well, everybody’s gotta eat, right?

I sometimes wonder if the squirrels feel intruded upon when the birds come back. After all, they toughed out the winter, so why should the birds get all the food and first pick on nest locations? Gotta remember to ask that little bugger next time he gets stuck in my feeder.