IMG_0826.JPGThose of you that know me, know I love my flip flops. To those of you that claim they can’t wear them (you know who you are), you just need to try again. You’ll thank me later.

Flip flops double as slippers in the warm weather months and I can slip them on when I feet get out of bed in the morning, no bending required (a very important feature). Flip flops are very forgiving. For example, even after being shoved back into the closet at the end of summer, they don’t hold it against you when you pull them back out for a quick trip to Florida.

Flip flops are a Godsend to those of us with platypus feet (aka, “wide”). You don’t usually have to worry if they will be too tight. Me, I like the thick cushy flip flops, and I even know my brand and style which makes flip flops the only shoe I can buy on line. I can do that with my flip flopped feet propped up on my recliner.

Skinny and shiny flip flops are a great fashion statement, but I’ve never been able to own anything that’s called “skinny” in my lifetime so why start now? And besides, my sister got the shiny gene. Mostly, I’m a boring footwear person. Just watch my feet, you’ll see.

Flip flops do make that sometimes annoying flip floppy sound when you walk, but most people never notice and if they do, they’re too polite to tell you. Flip flops last and last, and therefore are very economical.  Unless of course, you don’t care about that and if you don’t, you can just buy more flip flops.

I prefer to wear the same pair of flip flops until they decide they’ve had enough of my stinky feet and fall apart in protest. Then I go on a mission to find my new favorite flip flops, and I’ll tell anyone who will listen, all about them. My new favorite flip flops are aqua (those that know me, know that’s my favorite) and a plaid design (the same folks will know that I HATE plaids), so it’s odd that I would choose them, but the style and color trumped any of my former plaid phobia. I love them. And to think that before you read this blog, you didn’t care that much.

You can post pictures of flip flops on your car windows and THAT makes a flip flop fanatic happy. You can spot us up and down the highways. Flip flops appear on beach towels, stationery, door mats, and they’ve even made them into coasters. By the way, they stole that idea from me. I’ve used my flip flops as a coaster on the beach for years, keeping my drink out of the sand. Just never thought about it for the living room, not sandy enough.