She wanted to know if I’d ever done a blog on my “angel” wings. While I must say she was spot on with the analogy of me, her memory was a little foggy. Just a little. Unless you consider an angel to be a bat, and most people don’t.

I keep my bat wings (flabby upper arms) hidden as much as possible and until I go to put on a bathing suit, it’s not tough to do. I’m thinking about an appearance on Shark Tank to sell them on a three-quarter length sleeve bathing suit. I just know I’ll make a fortune.

My 16 year old Grandy Girl, Emma, used to tell me, “Grandy, you have jumpy arms!” She would reach over and touch my bat wings, making them jiggle. Her mom would try to hush her, but I waved her off. While I didn’t like my jumpy arms, I loved no longer being a hundred-plus pounds overweight. I never took the time to go for the reconstructive surgery, so the bat wings have hung around.

So today, in Zumba class, I wore a short sleeve tee shirt, you know, the one with more of a cap than a sleeve? I decided I was tired of caring about how I looked if it would keep me cooler and there’s an upside. My wings were moving the air around for my Zumba-mates, cooling them off. Besides, people are there to exercise, not to watch me try to dance, right?

zumba  While Zumba-ing, it occurred to me that these 8 AM Zumba classmates are the only people that have seen me without both makeup and bat wings flying at the same time. My apologies, you guys, but hopefully you agree the cool breeze is a benefit, ’cause the bat wings have flown the coop.