IMG_3490.JPGSo today, I went to my routine eye doctor appointment. Everything was fine, just a bit blurry when I was leaving from the eye dilation. And then came the sunshine.  You know, the guy I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever? Should have done this appointment on a cloudy day or had a designated driver. I made the wise choice to get my nails done and do some shopping to fill up the Stuck in the Onesies fundraiser baskets in order to steer away from the sunshiny glare.

$100 later, I managed to drive home safely and now know why moles want to be underground. Must stink to be one of those little buggers, especially in my yard where Maybe the cat resides. I forgot to mention that  she brought one into the house earlier this week. Glad to report his eyes were closed and he now resides in the Maybe Mole Cemetery.

Once home, I headed to my office on the back porch to get some work done, however, the flowers in the back yard called my name. It hurt to look at them from the porch, the sun shining on them was more than I could bear. I whined out loud. How spoiled can one person be?

My phlox in the raised flower bed decided to double in growth this spring and were spilling over in true phlox fashion. The air was just a little chilly, but in the sun combined with the temperature, it was just right for hammock hanging. I grabbed my hat, sunglasses, and a blanket and braved the sunshine. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write…

The sun was so bright, I had to pull the blanket over my head and couldn’t even look at the flowers. The good news is, I enjoyed it anyway. Closing off my ability to see, increased the sounds of nature. The birds talked with one another and the water flowed and Freddy, the frog, jumped in my little pond. Sometimes an inconvenience turns into a blessing. This was one of those times.