Everyone has their own description of the “best things in life,” and I can only speak for myself. Here’s my short list:


  • A beach in the morning (or any time of day for that matter).
  • Your pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, hamster, fish, or just your husband.
  • A good night’s sleep (I think of this one after waking at 4 AM yesterday)
  • Someone to talk to when you’re lonely
  • God’s ear (don’t forget Him when you’re lonely)
  • A sunset or sunrise (I have a better collections of sunsets)
  • Watching someone you love succeed (hit the ball, ace the test, write the book, get the job, the list goes on)
  • Holding a sleeping baby (sleeping is the key word)
  • Butterflies (the only insect I don’t shy away from)
  • Hugs – Don’t go without one for long, it’s not good for you.
  • Sounds of the seashore, waves lapping onto the sand, seagulls calling one another, children laughing (can you tell where I am right now?)
  • Love... The Beatles had it right when they wrote the lyric, “all you need is love.” Loving one another, even the not-so-lovable, is the key to solving just about anything, including the growing racial unrest in our beloved USA. Offer love to a stranger today. It might just be a kind word or a smile, but trust me, it can lift their heart. Let’s not let the actions of a few dictate the reactions of us all. I can let it do that to me if I’m not careful. Love will help us to link arms with our neighbors and find the answers to life’s problems.