Remember the homemade stuff we used to make before there was Pinterest and You Tube for step-by-step instructions? Macrame, crochet, and paper mache’ were all the rage. Thank goodness for magazines with pictures. Below is a picture of my mom wearing one of my puffy paint sweatshirt creations. I used the iron-on transfer that enabled me to puff out an elaborate poinsettia on her chest. Yep, I thought it was beautiful. Uh huh. Don’t judge.

Granny and Mom.

In my new novel, Stuck in the Onesies, the art of candle making comes to life back in the 60s when Barb and Ellie decide they’re gonna make a million bucks by mass production in the dining room.

Before Pinterest and the internet, there were these things called  “magazines” to get our creative, though maybe not-so-talented, juices flowing. Just remember, what you can’t sell, you can gift, but only to those that won’t be offended or tempted to put you in the home a bit earlier than planned.

My nine year old granddaughter, Lucy, pointed out her favorite ornament on my tree. It was a crab shell I’d spray painted gold, put on a poof ball head, and a little gold glitter and lace and created my version of an angel. I made a mental note to write Lucy’s name on the back of the crab.

Not an hour later after the conversation with Lucy,  I sat writing this blog when my grand-dog, Levi a two year old yellow lab, laid down next to the tree. He reached over and pulled something off with his mouth.  As soon as I heard the crunch, I hoped I was wrong, but knew I wasn’t, and just like that, my crab was lunch for Levi.

I dare say that your favorite Christmas ornament is something handmade or personal and that makes it special. It can be here one second and gone the next, but we still have the memory attached. Mine is Lucy and Levi. Priceless.