Remember a few blogs back when I talked about the 7 snowman globes that ate AAA batteries like candy? Well, these little buggers outta be packing on the pounds. I was bummed that the batteries had died already. I lined them up until I could get reinforcements at the store. Time to take out yet another loan for batteries. Should’ve bought DuraCell stock.

I walked through the kitchen and noticed that while only one snowman was lit, when I walked a little further and looked back, the glowing snowman had shared his light with his neighbors. It was just as pretty if all three snowmen had a full belly of batteries.

Every one of us has love in us to share and it’s the best gift that’s yet to be given. And it’s free.

My hope is that all of us will reach out and share love every chance we get. Not just at Christmastime, but all the time.

Merry Christmas.

Where there is darkness
Share the light and love.