Yep, it’s time for Christmas carols. “But, it’s only the first of November,” you say. And???

Did you know that Kenny Chesney has a Christmas album now? It’s great, but the Carpenters is still the best, in case you care.

Yep, I’m the crazy Christmas lady. I put Christmas decorations up early and leave it up late. I do, however, have sufficient reasons:

  1. I love all things Christmas. Why limit something you love to a few weeks a year?
  2. My decorations are beautiful and never tacky (unless you count the fake wreath with Fancy Feast ornaments glued on it).
  3. I promised myself when I went to work 30 plus years ago that I could begin preparations and making gifts in October again when I retired. Well, retirement started June 13 of this year, so I’m on it.
  4. My son and family are in the military and come at Thanksgiving to celebrate Christmas. I guess I should move this to Rule #1.

Christmas is my celebration of the birth of Jesus who lived and died giving me the perfect example of love and its meaning. img_0714-copy

Then there’s Santa Claus. While I know he’s not a part of the real Christmas plan, he was important to me as a kid and hence, I still believe. Just so you know. Just look in the eyes of my granddaughter when Santa paid a visit on Christmas Eve years ago. ‘Nuf said.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we’re celebrating both holidays with my son’s family from Georgia (thank goodness I no longer have to say, “South Korea”), so my house looks a little schizophrenic at the moment, but come the weekend, pumpkins will disappear and poinsettias will fill in the gaps.

Let’s all make an effort to keep the Thanksgiving and  Christmas spirit all year long. If you do, I promise to take the decorations down by February. Maybe.