Okay, so this year I have an excuse for putting up my decorations early, and it’s a pretty good one. My son and his family will be here for Thanksgiving (for the first time in 4 years since they just returned from S. Korea) and that is when we will celebrate Christmas with his crew. I had to put them up last week since I was going out of town and wouldn’t be home until they showed up. You’re impressed, I know…

Truth is, I’m happy for the excuse. I love the reason for the season, the decorations, the baking, family, presents, lights, and not all necessarily in that order except for the first one. I never understood why anyone would want to limit the fun to just a few weeks, unless you’re a kid at heart like me.

During the decorating process, I was puttingslide1 AAA batteries in the seven snowmen globes (yes, I had to take out a loan). I had a tough time getting the teeny tiny screw out of the bottom of each one. What is it with those teeny tiny screws? Forget glasses, I need a magnifier. It occurred to me that after being packed away for ten months, the snowmen were most likely sick of being in the dark, so I worked extra hard to get the screws out. I was successful with all but one. I made the analogy in my mind that not all prayers (I wasn’t praying for them, just so you know) get answered, so maybe Number 7 would remain in the dark. I set him aside and focused on the others. I’m thinking Number 7 didn’t like my logic.

Once I finished with the six snowmen that gave up their teeny tiny screws, I picked up Number 7 one more time. Well, guess what? You betcha, Number 7 made me look like the one with little faith.

I was quickly reminded that that we in the good old USA sometimes don’t have to exercise our faith all that much. Let’s be real. We have insurance for our cars, home, health, getting locked out of the car, legal fees, pet health and cemetery, travel, life insurance, extended warranties (otherwise known as life insurance for your vacuum), workers comp, unemployment insurance, telephone, malpractice, postal insurance, the list goes on.

There’s not much left to insure, but I did come up with a few. I’m sure the students would appreciate homework insurance, although I suspect the premiums would be through the roof. I could use burnt dinner insurance, but I think they call that, “pizza delivery.” I’m thinking the younger generation could use some tattoo insurance, in case they decide they don’t like the design they chose. A lifetime is a long time, ya’ll. Don’t get me started…

When you’re taking out teeny tiny screws, there’s lotsa time to ponder these things.

Okay, back to my original subject of Christmas craziness. Santa Claus can be a deterrent to Jesus, the real reason for the season, but let’s face it, Santa’s coming south from the North Pole every year, no matter what we think. Just ask my grandkids. Just look at my decorations. Just look under the tree.

I say, “Merry Christmas,” to every retail employee when I check out or ask for help. That’s me, I walk on the wild side and on this issue, I refuse to budge.

Yep, I’m a Christmas junkie and proud of it.