Have you ever seen a friend’s purse and wondered why in the world they chose that one? I guess they all have to have a home, but who wants to carry a suitcase with them everywhere they go? My chiropractor fusses at me for using a shoulder strap, and my purse is relatively small.

Most prefer cross body it seems and I’m in that arena.


A purse is a very personal possession. My purse ends up being a very intimate friend. Think about it. Your purse goes with you practically everywhere.  It carries your most valued possessions, everything from cash and credit cards to dental floss and prescription drugs. It’s privy to the most private of conversations. Good thing they can’t talk…

Some purses are better looking than others and I must admit, I’m a snob and pretty particular. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve fine tuned my prerequisites. I prefer small to medium in size, horizontally built it preferable so that I don’t have to dig down deep to find something. Lots of zippered compartments is preferred so I can stay organized. Don’t care? Too bad, I’m not finished.

Personally, I’m not a fan of something that has a brand name printed all over it. I want something more individual. I did that once and every time I saw a woman with the same purse, I considered tackling her until I reached down and found mine still with me. Let’s face it, our purse states who we are. We spend more time with it than just about any article of clothing we have and any person we know.

A purse has many qualifiers for me. It needs to be on the small size. I’ve discovered if I carry a large purse, I end up carrying far too much “stuff” and belongings of other people as well.

Purses come in all colors and if you care, you can tailor that color based on the season. Most people that know me, know my favorite color is aqua. There are variations of my favorite color, but I have been known to switch off.