There was the cutest article in the paper the other day about a kitten that was loose on Rt. 90, a busy freeway heading to Ocean City. Long story short, an officer named, “Eddie,” was the one to rescue the kitten and its new owner (a police dispatcher) named the kitty cat after him.

After reading the one article (see below, please forgive the poor photography, but that’s what you get from my hammock):


I loved the story and moved on to the next local paper that had just a few brief sentence and I thought it was a shame they didn’t give a feel-good story more coverage until I read his last sentence, “The kitten, whom the police named, “Eddie,” does not face charges at this time.”


It made me think about how we all tend to think more is better. The second writer probably only had space for a few lines and he made the best of it by making me laugh. Wish I’d written it! Sometimes less is more.

Eddie may have used up one of his nine lives, but it sounds like he struck pay dirt the day he was dropped on Route 90. Many times we think life is pitching us lemons only to find that when we look at things in a different light, there was a reason for the valley we just traveled. Eddie can attest to that.