tupperwareWhy is it that if I put 28 socks in the washer, I only get 25 out when it’s finished? My kids always said that Sock Monster lived in our house, we just weren’t sure of exactly where in the house he lived. I thought we narrowed it down somewhere within the laundry room, but wait, there turned out to be more evidence to the contrary.

We had a theory that he lived under their beds, but that was only when I’d gather enough courage to get down on my knees and actually take a look, broom in hand, ready to battle the Dust Demons and science projects, aka, bowls of uneaten snacks.

I thought when the kids grew up and moved out, the Sock Monster would follow. However, my son, Adam, swears that he’s still here. He says every time he comes to visit, the Sock Monster has a feast. However, anything Adam says must be taken with a grain of salt as he is the kid that couldn’t find his crazy neon colored shoelaces back in high school only to find that he had put them in the dishwasher. I think it must have been the Sock Monster’s sibling, Shoe Lace Sister.

The Sock Monster is the master of disguise. He resides at your house too, but you probably couldn’t pick him out of a crowd. He likes to hide in dark corners so he can bat that sock under a dresser or behind the hamper. He also sits on top of your washing machine and snatches them right out of your hands when you’re not looking. Just check between the machine and the wall and see if I’m not right. He also dresses up as a dog. Levi, Adam’s family dog, has been known to poop a few out. I’m thinking the Sock Monster tricked him into doing his dirty work.

However, I’m here to tell you that while visiting with Adam and family this week, I’ve folded a few loads of laundry at their house and Sock Monster did indeed follow me here and he has a full belly. Several lonely socks were at the bottom of each basket. I’m thinking he hitched a ride down 95 to Savannah with me. Wonder if I can make the great escape and get outta here without him? I’m leaving at the crack of dawn and hoping that he likes to sleep in.

October 21, 2016 – Update on the Sock Monster’s whereabouts…after washing the sheets from the guest room bed, I struggled with the fitted sheet as I worked to put it back in place. Then, I discovered where the mate to one of the socks in the load was hiding. Turns out the Sock Monster looks like a fitted sheet. The elastic curl he makes with the corner section is the perfect hiding place. He’s still the master of disguise, but he’s been unmasked in my laundry room at least when it comes to sheets…