I judge a breakfast by its home fries. Anyone can fry bacon and eggs, but home fries are the true test. I’ve made them for years and I must say, they are fabulous. How do I know? My 17 year old granddaughter, Lily, always asks that I make them when she comes to visit. I had already bought the potatoes knowing she was coming, when she asked that I make them for her. Be still my heart.

Last night, we were all gathered for dinner at Mandee’s house. There were 22 of us. I stole away to the backyard for a bit and sat on a bench. Looking through the windows, it occurred to me that the people I loved most in this world were all in one place. They were just hanging out with each other, playing ping pong (champion still to be determined), talking, watching football (Steve, you might wanna check the tv, Cameron made a few improvements for you), eating (we’re experts at that), and just enjoying each other’s company.

A few weeks ago, I shared a story I wrote 12 years ago about going through the Empty Nest syndrome twice. Now I am seeing my own kids begin to experience the Empty Nest themselves. How did that happen and I didn’t get any older? It’s amazing.

My ten grandchildren have all kinds to aspirations, teaching, baseball in the majors, singing, nursing, modeling, flying, and the list goes on and on. Our dreams bring us closer to who we really are. Our dreams bring us closer to God. Our dreams are His dreams, we only have to listen to find them and watch them come true.

Our children grow up and out. Sometimes they leave and come back for a season. Sometimes they leave and live across town or on the other side of the world. Either way, it’s the way things are meant to be. I am the most blessed person I know and my prayer is that you feel the same.

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