You know the feeling when you stub your toe? There’s that split second when it doesn’t hurt, but you know it’s coming. Then your toe screams bloody murder. The same applies for bee stings. You know he stung  you and you quickly remember the pain that’s like no other.

Lots of other things fit into this little mold, like being on the top of a roller coaster right before it goes downhill. You know you’re gonna scream and when it’s over, you realize your stomach is still back up at the top. No way you’re gonna go up there and get it.

How about that cough syrup that is so nasty even your dog won’t take a lick? Or the protein shake that your friend insist tastes great, but then again, this is a woman that enjoys cough syrup. Please note, it doesn’t taste good if you have to hold your nose to take a drink.

If you hate roller coasters and protein shakes, no problem. There’s always the merry-go-round and ice cream shakes (not the same end result, but hey, life’s short) to take their place.

However, bees will always be in the backyard and the foot of the bed will always reach out to trip you. I can’t fix that.