I found a page of notes that I wrote over 13 years ago. It was entitled, “Things I won’t miss,” with regards to being overweight. Many of you know that I had a gastric bypass 13 years ago and lost over 100 pounds. I’m so grateful that I took this step and here’s what my list stated:

  • Squeezing into a restaurant booth
  • Worrying if the life jacket will fit
  • Seat belts on planes (wouldn’t ask for an extension if my life depended on it)
  • First 10 minutes of a doctor visit (scales are the biggest liars in the world)
  • Wearing jumbo petite sizes
  • Checking the weight limit on an elevator
  • Trying to pretend I don’t have a double chin
  • Pretending I’m not fat

As I read this list over again, I’m reminded of what it was like to endure a weight problem. I always felt that I had to over-achieve at whatever I was doing to compensate for my shortcomings as an overweight individual. I know now how wrong that was.

Now, my biggest concern are my bat wings (excess skin on my arms that used to house my insulation). I could get them clipped

I used this experience in my sequel to Stuck in the Onesies.