Remember Kitty Carlisle? She was a panelist on To Tell the Truth game show back in the 60’s and she never got rid of her clothes. She just recycled (or “uto-tell-the-truthp-cycled” as some might say these days) them saying that everything came back in style sooner or later. I think she might have been right.

Don’t look now, but bell bottoms (aka “flared) jeans or palazzo pants are back, like it or not, I consider them bell bottoms and I’m a fashionista in my own mind. They don’t hug my ankles and now that I’m retired, I’m a palazzo pant expert. My new mandate is that I can only wear something if it feels like pajamas. I’ve taken comfort to a new level. Blue jeans never go out of style, but once you adapt my comfort philosophy, you wear them a lot less.

Baseball caps rarely change and letting go of them is tough. Sentimental values attach themselves to these things. Tee shirts too. They’re both great conversation starters providing common ground with strangers and loved ones alike standing in a line at the grocery store (if our face is not in our smart phone, that is).

Carousels never go out of style. We all rode one when we were little and jump on board for any toddler that comes into our life and appreciate the excuse to do so.

Potato chips might change, i.e., flavors, textures, etc., but they’re still the same. And you still can’t eat just one.

Bras never seem to go out of  style although the 60’s we did our best to make them obsolete. Not much talk about bras in my novel, “Stuck in the Onesies,” except to say that Barb and Ellie didn’t burn theirs. Underwire, cross-your-heart, sports bras; there might be different kinds, and they will wear out, but they will always be here. To quote the lyrics of “Otto Titsling,” a Bette Midler tune, they are nothing more than “over the shoulder boulder holders!” As long as the boulders keep coming, bra sales will endure.

And then there’s flip flops. I’m here to attest that they never go out of style. My feet will always welcome the freedom they provide and the sand img_0826that is allowed to pass through, over and under my feet.  This is the time of year I get somewhat depressed when the flip flops spend more time inside the closet than out.

Scissors never, ever go out of style. Who doesn’t need a pair in almost every room of the house? Did you know that when they first came out, only rich folks had a pair?

Many of you gave me ideas on Facebook of things that never go out of style and and here are your thoughts:

  • A string of pearls – always elegant and matches anything (except for the sweats I’m wearing right now).
  • Diamonds – the bigger, the better, hands down…
  • 70’s music – Whatever your favorite decade, the same can be said.
  • Ice cream cones – You can’t fix perfection.
  • The Beatles – What’s your favorite Beatle tune?
  • Smiles – The giver and the getter both benefit.
  • Pats on the back – Even for a job not-so-well done.
  • Tennis shoes – styles might change, but you can always find Keds.
  • American flag – Old Glory forever stands in the gap for us.
  • Bikinis – Although that ship has sailed and you won’t find one in my wardrobe…
  • Girlfriend vacations – (check my previous blog for proof of that one)

Why do we care about things that don’t change? I believe it’s partly due to our fast changing world. Heck, you buy a computer and it’s obsolete before you know it. Just why is it that companies have this huge need to “change” things that don’t need changing? Like commands for a new smart phone, or numbers for telephone prompts (don’t get me started on automatic systems, i.e., “press 1 for…”) which are subversive ways for them to save money and me to end up with higher blood pressure. Feeling the pain?

When I read back over the list of things that don’t go out of style, I realized I left out the most important one and that is love. You can’t hold it in your hand, you can’t sell it, you can only reap its benefits. Love carries us through the hard times and makes the good times even better. My novel, “Stuck in the Onesies,” is all about every day love, the kind that takes your hand and never lets go.